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What is an Infinity Stone?

The Wisest Choice You can make Today

Infinity and Eternal 50% Pure Carbon Lab Grown Hybrid Gemstone

VVS1 or better Clarity

The Infinity is E-F color and the Eternal is G-H color

Both are Hand cut by master craftsmen

Both are Ideal or Hearts and Arrows cut

Available in all cuts and sizes

Don’t buy a Natural Diamond or a Charles and Colvard Moissanite. 

The crystal structure of the Infinity and Eternal Lab Grown Hybrid Gem is distinct, and optically Superior, to the crystal structure of Moissanite by Charles and Colvard. The Infinity and Eternal Lab Grown Hybrid Gem, has more brilliance (higher refractive index), and better color (wider optical

band gap) than Moissanite. 

Think of diamond vs. graphite - both are crystals made of carbon, yet

display very different properties. For example, Infinity and Eternal Lab Grown Hybrid gem will never tint green the way Moissanite can, and is natively F color, or true colorless. The

Infinity and Eternal Lab Grown Gem however, is much harder and more difficult to grow than Moissanite. It is also cut to true diamond specs by master cutters and craftsman, while Moissanite is not.

Here are a few other reasons why:

1. Price VS. Value:  Natural Diamonds are not rare and cost 10x’s the cost of the Infinity and Eternal Lab Grown Hybrid Gem

2. Quality: You will get the highest quality gem on the market. Don’t settle for a VS, SI, I clarity or G-H-J-K-L Color

3. Buy a 50% Pure Carbon-based stone. 

4. Buy a harder stone that won’t scratch or change colors. The Infinity and Eternal Lab Grown Gem is a 9.5 mohs hardness stone. Moissanites are not

5. The Infinity and Eternal Lab Grown Hybrid Gem is made right here in North America

6. Buy a nicer house, a new car or a crazy wedding and honeymoon, don’t make the poor investment in a natural diamond, or a Moissanite

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Destinity Stones

The Highest Quality

Beautifully grown then, hand cut and polished. A 90% pure diamond optical coating.

Stunning and Affordable

Same natural metallic luster and brilliance of the highest quality diamonds

Jewelry with Fire

Superior brilliance, high fire and intense sparkle, make the Destiny Gems perfect for any occasion.

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